A Very Pleasant Way to Die was released by Maïak on 20 March 2015, the Swiss post rock band on the scene since 2010.

The Mayak Production Association is one of the biggest nuclear plant in the Russian Federation, housing plutonium production reactors that became unfortunatly popular in the 1957 during one of the worst nuclear accidents in history.

I have to say that the album got me from the very first time i’ve listened it.
The sound flows in a slowly and powerfully evolving arrangement that engages you.

Here follows my favourite tracks:

the opening track “Nutributter Green Is People” begins with deep landsapes sounds with some good guitar melodies that introduce you in the groovy central part of this remarkable mid tempo song.

than with “I Am Not a Man, I Am a Free Number” the band first explores noise feedbacks and drones in a deep ambient mood to explode in the central part of this 11 minutes songs that flows away without notice. In my opinion this is the best track of the album: the head is always moving and the mix is always capturing the attention of the listeners without annoying even a track so long. The last part of the song really got me, some big and fat riffs really worth listening for every rock fan.

with “A Fond Poster Girl For Tatmadaw” some really interesting guitar melodies let the drums and bass to express their beauty in the middle part of the song.

In the end one the most impressive post rock record of the 2015, really reccomended listening.

Band absolutly in tune in this record. Support Maïak, they deserve it.


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