Impressive review of my album Fields of Venus by Sleeping Bag Studio Website (California), thank you guys for the nice work. Things are going well so far!

here is the link of full review:


“Excellent ideas in post-rock here from the experimental mind of Luca Crivellaro making it ALL happen on his own with a professional’s touch in the studio and an artist’s mindset in his performance on Fields Of Venus”

Darth Vader

“With space-like atmosphere through synth sounds and fantastically-played, well-chosen guitar tones layered overtop, the beginning of Fields Of Venus takes you right to another world completely. The emotional layer of guitar-work is perfection…it’s so SMALL sounding…so innocent…and then this song bursts open like a supernova after a melodic build through the song’s progression”

Rays of Kid

“Rays Of Kid” shows a real master’s grip on song structure and placement. The instincts that Luca has shown for both production and performance thus far on the album have been incredible”

Off Road

“sometimes you just KNOW when you hear something that it’s exactly what your ears have been searching for”


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