10 Waves of You is an Italian Ambient Post Rock one man band from Milan (Italy) formed in 2014. Luca Crivellaro plays guitar, bass, voice, keys, piano, synths and percussion.

10 Waves of You are the waves that everybody has inside inside the inner self, maybe hidden from the outside world.  Reach those waves and ride them with other people to create an ocean of emotions and connections together with nature and human being. All is one, one is Universe.

I m am a free diver (not scuba diver!) When i make music i search for the same emotions that I feel when I free dive in the underground water: alone, curious, numb, trying to reach every possible positive vibes from the underwater creatures and hidden world.

I hope my music will make you think, feel and imagine…


Luca Crivellaro originally played in alternative noise rock bands like Crop Circles and Gran Sasso before starting 10 Waves of You soloist musical project.

Musical Style and influences

Inspired by the like of Mogwai, God is an Astronaut, John Frusciante,  Sonic Youth, Tycho, The Echelon Effect, Boards of Canada, 10 Waves of You creates mainly instrumental tracks with otherworldly and melancholic mood achieved by classic rock instruments and electronic experimentation.


Debut Studio Album: Fields of Venus (2015)

Second Realease: SAIL – EP (2016)

A little storyboard behind SAIL EP:

it’s a 4 tracks EP, almost 20 minutes long, which is half the length of my first release of last year Fields of Venus.
Even it’s just a 4 tracks EP it took me quite some time to put it together, that’s because i pushed my self a lot in terms of sonic research, learning a bit trying to blend more that one genre and discarding a lot of rehearsals or almost finished songs.
Other that that, as independent artist the self promotion of the previous release and the small blog i started up on July on my official website have been time consuming.
But in September i told myself: Hey stop what you are doing and get back to music!
Sail it’s the culmination of 6 months of making music on my own in my home studio. For me it’s a small wonderful journey starting from the title track which is my first non-guitar song till the last
song Round Window that is the most groovy and maybe easy listening song. The mid songs are best of both worlds, or at least what i believe they are.

A really sincere thanks to everybody who listened and supported my project during last year. It was awesome and helped me a lot in making new music and i hope it will in the future.

Sail will be available for pre-order on 5th of March on my bancamp page and will be fully released March 18, 2016 on Sooundcloud, Bancamp, Spotify and other digital platforms.
Download and Purchase will be available on bancamp only.

I hope you enjoy this little journey with me…

With love Luca

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