ECO by David Maxim Micic

Released: 16 August 2015

Genre: electronic, metal, ambient, fusion, progressive rock

Comment: David music is different, it’s a fusion of genres from metal to electronic, touching in some cases also pop banks. The result is astonishing , his creativity is out of the ordinary.

Track list:

1. Universe In A Crayon 03:21
2. Satellite 08:36
3. 500 Seconds Before Sunset 08:20
4. The Flock 06:49
5. Voda 02:38
6. Stardust 07:45

David Maxim Micic release is available in  digital format.
Support him at


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Salute Solitude By SPOIWO

released 13 March 2015

SPOIWO is a 5 pieces instrumental post rock band from Gdańsk, Poland. The story behind of this release is a great story of friendship and determination.
These guys are all friends, and know each other for more than 15 years. They started to play music to spend time together and have fun, but in the end it become something more, something absolutely special and worth mentioning.

After a successful crowd-funding campaign they had the possibility to record their best tracks as a debut professional release and this is where the fun begins.

Salute Solitude is way more that a “best of” from the band, it’s truly and expression of their inner souls. Here is the single track release:

Sounds are big, fat with infinite depth, epic but with an impressive balance between instruments and arrangements which denotes the great affinity and complementarity of the 5 friends, every one completing each other like natural elements.

Pads, Leads and Piano parts are warm and organically played by the two keyboards, guitar feedback add the right quantity of darkness without being exaggerate or too prominent like the shoe-gaze tradition deserves. Guitar remind me Sigur Ros Jonsi playing style.
Bass is subtle but engaging, successfully participating also in the low end drones, Drums are epic with an excellent work on toms.

Even if the arrangements are quite similar with the drone-crescendo layering-fade out structure, the quality of sounds and sonic research are really variegated, keeping always the listener attached to the tracks without ever wanting to press the skip button.

After multiple listening i have to say i have not a favorite track which is a great thing in my opinion. Everything in this 7 tracks album is a journey that surrounds the hearth of the listener giving him sense of peace, strength, mystery and melancholy.

In the end and nice discovery really recommended listening that surely deserves some featuring as soundtrack for movies.

SPOIWO release is available in limited edition CD for only 6 bucks and of course in digital format for 4.5 euro.
Support them at

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Review by Echoes and Dust

Impressive review of my album Fields of Venus by the Exellent Webzine Echoes and Dust!

here is the link of full review:


“The album is an incredible do-it-yourself labour of love that pulsates with lush enchanting melody and magnetic creativity. Every listen to Fields of Venus yields something exceptional from within its seductive musical strata. Post-Rock can be taken in many directions, Luca capably pulls it into the ambient/experimental realm and the results are largely captivating.”

“The layers of sound by 10 Waves of You evolve constantly. This is an album with an immense amount to absorb that is both musically poignant and emotionally uplifting.”

“the album is an overwhelmingly incredible experience, impassioned ambient/post-rock release”


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Featured in “Travelogue 2015-29: Post Rock Summer Round Up” by Post Rock Blog Stationary Travels

“The debut album, Fields of Venus, is a fine first effort and a very appealing listen. There is something vaguely and comfortingly retro about the sound.  the clean guitars, moog like synths, and occasional treated vocals all remind me of the more atmospheric side of prog rock music from the 70s, particularly the jazz-inflected Canterbury scene which included groups like Camel”

here is the link: stationarytravels./travelogue-2015-29-post-rock-summer-round-up

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Review by Ondarock – Italian webzine


“un miriade di soluzioni, passando dalla soffice psichedelia di “Underground Water” alle progressive stratificazioni di “Seeds of Life (Seasons)” e “Clouds”

eng: “a myriad of solutions, going from soft psychedelia of “Underground Water” to the progressive layers of “Seeds of Life (Seasons)” and “Clouds”, up to the borders of the space with “First Lights from Venus”.

Here is the direct link to the review:

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Review of Fields of Venus By Sleeping Bag Studios

Impressive review of my album Fields of Venus by Sleeping Bag Studio Website (California), thank you guys for the nice work. Things are going well so far!

here is the link of full review:


“Excellent ideas in post-rock here from the experimental mind of Luca Crivellaro making it ALL happen on his own with a professional’s touch in the studio and an artist’s mindset in his performance on Fields Of Venus”

Darth Vader

“With space-like atmosphere through synth sounds and fantastically-played, well-chosen guitar tones layered overtop, the beginning of Fields Of Venus takes you right to another world completely. The emotional layer of guitar-work is perfection…it’s so SMALL sounding…so innocent…and then this song bursts open like a supernova after a melodic build through the song’s progression”

Rays of Kid

“Rays Of Kid” shows a real master’s grip on song structure and placement. The instincts that Luca has shown for both production and performance thus far on the album have been incredible”

Off Road

“sometimes you just KNOW when you hear something that it’s exactly what your ears have been searching for”


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Review of Fields of Venus By Post Rock Essential


“the following tracks “Seeds of Life (Seasons)” and “Clouds” make this Album a winner. Both tracks have such a beautiful melody and make you forget the world around you for a couple minutes.”

“My favorite Tracks are “Rays of Kid”, “Seeds of Life (Seasons)” and the sensational “Clouds”

Posted by Post-Rock EssentialsRead full review

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From the lower earth and ocean – Eno

Album release 22 May 2015

ENO is an ambient post rock two pieces band from St.Gallen, Switzerland, formed in 2004.

This awesome ambient post rock album has such nice wonderful melodies tall lull your mind and soul from the very first note of the Two men band from the middle of Europe.

Their music is immediate, dreamy and incredibly warm with some really evocative layering of loops and textures that bring the listener to their charming wall of ambient sounds, their trademark.

The choices of synths,guitar and drum progression denoted the perfect affinity between these two artists.

My favorite track is and the clouds of northland thunder, a 6:32 minutes song that in my opinion is really representative of the wonderful job these two talented guys are producing.

In the and i really recommend the listening. Plese support ENO @:

Official web site:

Eno facebook page

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The Half​-​World – The Best Pessimist

Album release 4 june 2015.
This is the 4h full length album from The Best Pessimist.
The Best Pessimist is a one-man-band project started in 2009 by the Ukrainian musician and composer Sergey Lunev.
First of all this album is addictive, you simply cannot stop listening to it. Piano parts contain wonderful melodies, layers of synth pads and ambient guitars create a deep, overwhelming background that set the melancholic mood of the entire album.

The mix of electronic and ambient post rock elements gives to the album a freshness that other even great post rock album of this year do not have.

Amazing is the delay layers of piano and guitars that lull the listeners in a deep eerie binaural dream.

Passages between arrangement part are smooth and natural and managed by the artist with great taste and creativity.

Regarding the production, Mixing is really well-balanced, and here the mixing engineer used everything in his hand to catch the attention of the listener in every moment of the album

favourite track: Call the Ambulance

Support this artist in order to listen in the future these wonderful pieces of music


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