Thoughts Awaken : US by EVOLV

Released: September 6, 2015

Genre: ambient, texture, cinematic, neo-classical, post-rock

Label: Independent Artist

Comment: EVOLV is a solo musical project by Stephen Perez, Chattanooga, Tennessee (US). Stephen music is simply different. Harmonies and sonic solution are always unexpected and original.  You’ll never know where that gentle guitar arpeggio, piano chords or synth is going become. Music Textures create imaginary undefined landscapes, paintings with an inward-looking human dimension. Highly recommended.

Track list:
1. Creating Our Future
2. Halation
3. we learn we grow
4. What an Interesting Creature
5. Hour Feathered Nest

Support: EVOLV release is available in CD/T-shirt combo for only 27,50 USD.
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Endless Colour – self titled

released 13 July 2015

Endless Colour is a collaboration between Guitarist/ Composer Nicholas Bentall and Trumpet player/ Music Producer Kristofor Anderson

Their brainchild brought us the self titled 4 track debut EP, born in United States.

Nicholas and Cristofor are able to mix different genres such as post rock, math rock, jazz in really smooth and elegant arrangements, sometimes lulling the listeners, sometimes trying to hypnotize them, like in the track “To Die Would Be A Great Adventure” where soft psychedelic melodies are fused with background drones of synths and trumpet leading to the extraordinary chorus highlighted by chorale patterns. This song denotes excellent solution from the sonic and structure point of view.

Together”  is another great song where Endless Colour show their ability on song structure and placement. Excellent result for a track that also show the band muscles. My favorite track so far.

Endless Colour give us with their instrumental Ep feelings of hope, warmth and peace.

Highly recommended for those who wants to listen to new sounds. Experimental Music of this level is always welcome here.

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