Rising Sea by Darren Harper

Released: 11 November 2013

Genre: ambient, drone, experimental, instrumental

Label: Twice Removed records

Comment: Darren’s oil on canvas is a representation of an evolving sea, slow and warm. The guitar drones of this Ep heat the listener revealing at every second a new perception of the “apparently” same sound.

Track list:
 1. Rising Sea part 1
2. Rising Sea part 2

Support: Darren Harper release is available in digital format for free or name your price option.
Support him at https://twicerememberedtwiceremoved.bandcamp.com/album/rising-sea

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Awakening by Random Forest

Released: 18 October 2015

Genre: ambient, ambient, drone, instrumental, post-rock, soundscape

Comment: a duo EP project  created by Aaron Gilbert and David Walters (The Echelon Effect), London UK. Wonderful epic melodies for free, deep relaxing mood. Excellent balance between ambient and post rock music.

Track list:
1. Fireflies
2. First To Wake
3. Awakening
4. Leaving Safe Places

Support: Random forest release is available in digital format for free or name your price option.
Support them at https://randomforest.bandcamp.com/album/awakening

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James by Lowercase Noises

Released: 24 May 2015

Genre: ambient, atmospheric, instrumental, post rock, drone

Comment: Andy Othling from Albuquerque (US) is a great innovative musician. Whatever comes out from his guitar is a pure enchanted melody. I personally learned a lot from Andy’s techniques and tips on his well known you tube channel. This EP, dedicated to his son, is a continuous bloom of emotions. Andy sampling of string instruments with guitar is unattainable.

Track list: 

01. The First Glimmer of Wind
02. Almost So Clear
03. It Reminded Me of a Very Old Place
04. The First Wink of Dawn
05. A Return

Lowercase Noises release is available in digital format with the generous name your price option (0 euro/dollar is allowed!).
Support him at http://music.lowercasenoises.com/

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Review by Echoes and Dust

Impressive review of my album Fields of Venus by the Exellent Webzine Echoes and Dust!

here is the link of full review: echoesanddust.com/10-waves-of-you-fields-of-venus/


“The album is an incredible do-it-yourself labour of love that pulsates with lush enchanting melody and magnetic creativity. Every listen to Fields of Venus yields something exceptional from within its seductive musical strata. Post-Rock can be taken in many directions, Luca capably pulls it into the ambient/experimental realm and the results are largely captivating.”

“The layers of sound by 10 Waves of You evolve constantly. This is an album with an immense amount to absorb that is both musically poignant and emotionally uplifting.”

“the album is an overwhelmingly incredible experience, impassioned ambient/post-rock release”


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