“an ephemeral, but beautifully delineated universe that exposes everything that was already in front of us to see, but we’re all blind to it: the plaine simplicity of beauty, in all of it’s outstanding and righteous achievement, purely defined as the brightness of a star”

“Incredible melodies, deep lavish atmospherics and magical layers of sound that blend to hit the senses just right” By: Dave Allan Guzda

‘Sail’ es un EP que tiene texturas y capas tan complejas que cuesta trabajo creer que fue realizado por 1 solo hombre, Luca hizo una labor realmente sorprendente. Estas canciones se han convertido en el soundtrack de los momentos en los que me alejo de todo para relajarme y dejar volar mi imaginación.

” We must say, this EP grew on us, its four instrumental tracks of soothing, spacious post-rock and ambiance.” “Vote 8,2”

“Italian one-man post-rock act 10 Waves Of You has surprised quite pleasantly with his ‘Fields Of Venus’ album last year. Now he returns with a highly atmospheric new ep, one where he further perfects his trade and delves deeper than before. Luca Crivellaro, the man behind this project, blends immersive post-rock structures with plenty of electronics, resulting in something mighty fine.”

“Some artists are atmospheric and focus on noise and ambience, while others are more in-your-face and focus on hard rock. Some are minimalistic while others are busy and technical. There is no right or wrong – it’s all subject to personal opinion. 10 Waves of You has the gift of delivering a combination of all the above qualities”

“The flow is perfect, the sound, the mix, the atmosphere and the depth of the emotional layers of Luca’s music in 10 Waves Of You is at its flawless best on Sail.
SAIL ranges through an entire voyage of emotions from the up-close & beautiful to the distantly forlorn and melancholy.
SOUTH WEST WIND winds and meanders gently through an incredibly soaring and free-feeling atmosphere…hypnotically relaxing and crystalline in sound – this is truly beautiful stuff.
SUNBURST:The familiar haunting of post-rock emotion and spectacularly versatile sounds that all pile together wave, after wave, after wave in a relentless onslaught on sonically-shimmering brilliance.
ROUND WINDOW is a fantastic listen…very similar to The Album Leaf in tone, atmosphere and even approach on this one”

“Le quattro tracce che compongono “Sail”, frutto di sei mesi di lavoro in studio, pur confermando l’attitudine post rock del musicista milanese, si aprono verso possibili contaminazioni che ne travalicano il genere, sfociando in sonorità ancor più sognanti e cinematiche. ”



“The album is an incredible do-it-yourself labour of love that pulsates with lush enchanting melody and magnetic creativity. Every listen to Fields of Venus yields something exceptional from within its seductive musical strata. Post-Rock can be taken in many directions, Luca capably pulls it into the ambient/experimental realm and the results are largely captivating.”

“un miriade di soluzioni, passando dalla soffice psichedelia di “Underground Water” alle progressive stratificazioni di “Seeds of Life (Seasons)” e “Clouds”

“the following tracks “Seeds of Life (Seasons)” and “Clouds” make this Album a winner. Both tracks have such a beautiful melody and make you forget the world around you for a couple minutes.”

“Excellent ideas in post-rock here from the experimental mind of Luca Crivellaro making it ALL happen on his own with a professional’s touch in the studio and an artist’s mindset in his performance on Fields Of Venus”

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Review by Echoes and Dust

Impressive review of my album Fields of Venus by the Exellent Webzine Echoes and Dust!

here is the link of full review:


“The album is an incredible do-it-yourself labour of love that pulsates with lush enchanting melody and magnetic creativity. Every listen to Fields of Venus yields something exceptional from within its seductive musical strata. Post-Rock can be taken in many directions, Luca capably pulls it into the ambient/experimental realm and the results are largely captivating.”

“The layers of sound by 10 Waves of You evolve constantly. This is an album with an immense amount to absorb that is both musically poignant and emotionally uplifting.”

“the album is an overwhelmingly incredible experience, impassioned ambient/post-rock release”


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Featured in “Travelogue 2015-29: Post Rock Summer Round Up” by Post Rock Blog Stationary Travels

“The debut album, Fields of Venus, is a fine first effort and a very appealing listen. There is something vaguely and comfortingly retro about the sound.  the clean guitars, moog like synths, and occasional treated vocals all remind me of the more atmospheric side of prog rock music from the 70s, particularly the jazz-inflected Canterbury scene which included groups like Camel”

here is the link: stationarytravels./travelogue-2015-29-post-rock-summer-round-up

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A Very Pleasant Way to Die – Maïak

A Very Pleasant Way to Die was released by Maïak on 20 March 2015, the Swiss post rock band on the scene since 2010.

The Mayak Production Association is one of the biggest nuclear plant in the Russian Federation, housing plutonium production reactors that became unfortunatly popular in the 1957 during one of the worst nuclear accidents in history.

I have to say that the album got me from the very first time i’ve listened it.
The sound flows in a slowly and powerfully evolving arrangement that engages you.

Here follows my favourite tracks:

the opening track “Nutributter Green Is People” begins with deep landsapes sounds with some good guitar melodies that introduce you in the groovy central part of this remarkable mid tempo song.

than with “I Am Not a Man, I Am a Free Number” the band first explores noise feedbacks and drones in a deep ambient mood to explode in the central part of this 11 minutes songs that flows away without notice. In my opinion this is the best track of the album: the head is always moving and the mix is always capturing the attention of the listeners without annoying even a track so long. The last part of the song really got me, some big and fat riffs really worth listening for every rock fan.

with “A Fond Poster Girl For Tatmadaw” some really interesting guitar melodies let the drums and bass to express their beauty in the middle part of the song.

In the end one the most impressive post rock record of the 2015, really reccomended listening.

Band absolutly in tune in this record. Support Maïak, they deserve it.ïak/139364039513073

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